Equal Pay Day​

We are passionate about advocating for equal pay for women, and we want to raise awareness about Equal Pay Day.

"Women, if the soul of the nation is to be saved, I believe you must become its soul." -Coretta Scott King

What is Equal Pay Day?

Equal Pay Day symbolizes the point in the year when, on average, women have to work until to earn the same amount that men earned in the previous year. This day is observed worldwide to highlight the gender wage gap.

Ontario's Gender Wage Gap:

In Ontario, the gender wage gap is alarmingly close to 30%, making it one of the largest gaps in the world. Pay discrimination affects women of all ages, races, and education levels, irrespective of their family decisions.

Ontario Equal Pay Coalition:

The Ontario Equal Pay Coalition aims to achieve a 0% gender wage gap by 2025. To accomplish this goal, they have outlined 12 steps that need to be taken.

Equal Pay Day in Canada:

Employment and Social Development Canada released a statement on Equal Pay Day (April 9, 2019) highlighting the progress made by Canadian women over the past 40 years. Women’s increased participation in the workforce has contributed significantly to Canada’s economic growth. Gender equality benefits not only women but also all Canadians. You can read the full statement by clicking here.

BPW Canada's Equal Pay Day Proclamation Challenge:

BPW Canada encourages business and community leaders nationwide to request their respective Mayors to proclaim March 18th as National Equal Pay Day. This challenge aims to raise awareness and foster a commitment to achieving equal pay for all.

Join us in our efforts to eliminate the gender wage gap. By promoting equal pay, we create a fairer and more inclusive society that benefits everyone. Together, let’s make a difference on Equal Pay Day and every day.