Women's Empowerment Principles Equal Pay Sustainable Development Goals

BPW's Goal: The improvement of economic, political, social and employment conditions for women in Canada. Bottom line, we work to educate, promote and empower women in our local community, throughout the province of Ontario, across Canada and around the world. Empowering women is good for business and good for our community.

North Toronto BPW, along with BPW clubs across Ontario, Canada and the world, advocates for the betterment of women and families.

We affect positive change for women through advocacy, community events, networking and collaboration with like-minded organizations.

This is accomplished through various means, including resolutions to both the provincial and national governments. Resolutions are developed at the club level and vetted and voted on at the either the annual BPW Ontario Conference or the annual BPW Canada AGM/Convention. Approved resolutions are presented in a brief format to the various government agencies.

Thunder Woman Healing Lodge

                                                                                           ThunderWomensHealing Lodge


North Toronto BPW, through fundraising efforts, supports Thunder Woman Healing Lodge Society. 

Thunder Woman Healing Lodge Society is a community-driven initiative raised out of concern and recognition of the urgent need to break the cycle of Indigenous women’s over-representation in Canada’s prisons.

There are clear systemic links between the disproportionate levels of violence experienced by missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls and their recurring over-representation in the prison system. Truth, reconciliation, and healing will only occur when root causes are addressed and supports are provided to stop further interactions with the Canadian justice system.

Indigenous owned and operated Healing Lodges address the needs of Aboriginal women who have come in to conflict with the law. Reconnecting them with their culture, spirituality, and communities. Through a holistic program TWHLS empowers Aboriginal women exiting the corrections system or who are currently before the courts to discover a different path and take their honoured place in their community.